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Increasing traffic to your website is a obvious goal of many business owners. Unfortunately there isn’t one “secret ingredient” that will automatically boost visits to your website. Instead there are a variety of tactics that can be taken to increase traffic. Some require effort, some require time, and yes, some require money. Strategies such as online directories, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, link building, social media posts, and blogging can all help increase traffic. When we partner with you we will evaluate your current site and look for “quick-wins” that will allow us to increase traffic.

Choosing us as your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing agency keeps you from having to learn the highly technical skills required to run a successful PPC campaign, and lets you focus on providing your new customers with excellent customer service. You will be able to focus on running and growing your business while we work on increasing your traffic and bring in qualified leads to your website.

Web development is a service that we offer. We build hand crafted, responsive sites that are designed to look as beautiful on mobile devices as they are on laptops.

The majority of our sites are build on WordPress. WordPress is the worlds leading content management system. With years of experience with WordPress we can help get your site up and operating quickly.

There are a variety of factors that impact how fast a site loads. Image size, coding issues and the health and speed of the server the site is hosted on are just a few. For new sites we optimize and test website speed. For existing sites we will perform and audit which will help highlights areas to improve.

When we perform a website audit we will do a technical health check of your website and uncover all of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues that are hurting your sites ranking in the search results. We will run a comprehensive site analysis that highlights the issues wrong with the site and what should be fixed to help improve search engine rankings. Issues found typically include architectural issues, page or post link errors, incorrect page titles, missing meta tags and meta descriptions, quality of backlinks, and duplicate content to name a few. A full report is provided with recommendations for next steps.

Our Local SEO Services, or local search engine optimization, works somewhat similar to an SEO campaign but we focus on optimizing your business for local listings and maps in the search engines Google.

A fully optimized local online presence, for an area such as Grand Rapids, coupled with a strong SEO campaign will put you ahead of your competition. The age of print marketing is long gone and online marketing is the future.

We have years of experience developing multimedia content such as videos and photos. We can help tell your story visually. Using media on your website is a great way to build engagement with your customers.

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